Our Vision - 2018 & Beyond

Through 2017, the Ministry team has been praying and discussing how best to lead the church in 2018 and into the future. Since becoming Infinity Church, we have seen incredible growth of passion through the leaders and congregation and believe now is the time to re-invent and re-focus to sustain our church for the future.

We have a vision to see the future generations of this church continue to flourish into mature Christians and make a difference for Christ. 

Our heart and soul remains a purpose in “Introducing Melbourne to Jesus”, and in this next season we, as a church, will move forward in defining how that must take place.

    “Introducing Melbourne to Jesus by knowing God, finding freedom, discovering purpose and making a difference.”

This Vision statement will be the life blood that flows through our church, influencing everything we do. Many things will remain as they are, already aligned to this purpose - however there will be some changes in order to align to this vision.

The outworking of this vision looks like this:

KNOW GOD: whether already a Christian or just considering a journey with Christ, through Alpha and Sunday services we will create platforms to discover more about God, his plan and eventually experience baptism.

FIND FREEDOM: Finding freedom that results from overcoming the issues and addictions, unforgiveness, anger, and fear that are produced by the challenges of life or abuse. It is such an important part of being in relationship with God. Our dedicated course called “Be Free” aims to see people released into overcoming these challenges and implementing life building strategies and will meet through a Connect Group on Tuesday nights initially at the church.

DISCOVER PURPOSE: The Infinity Course will take place over four weeks, running concurrently throughout the entire year. Exact days and times will be determined by group availability. The Course is intended to help people to understanding what we are about, discovering individual gifts, empowering to lead and helping to find the perfect place in the dream team where to make a difference. This short course replaces the DNA course.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 21.37.54.png

MAKE A DIFFERENCE: The final session of Discovering Purpose is a process of interview and deployment to help people to find the right position for them and join the Dream Team. Every person has God given skills and abilities that they can use to make a difference - this final step ensures that we can help everyone to find that place at Infinity Church!

We have also thought practically about resources, running of our groups and training courses and more. As such, we propose some changes in the way we run Connect Groups.

Infinity Connect Groups are intended to be the ideal environment for people to know God. This looks different for everyone, and so our Connect Groups should reflect this! We want to encourage you to consider what gifts or interests God may be able to use to help create an environment where new people could come to meet God, and existing Christians could come to know Him more. This means a connect group format could be almost anything! For example, a knitting group, a motorcycle riding group, a group that meets together in someone’s garage while tinkering over cars, a group that meets for coffee, as well as the familiar bible based groups. 

If you aren’t sure of what activity you might want to base your group on, you can also choose any resource that you believe best suits the ongoing health and development of your members. Some examples of resources available are:

  1. Exploring the messages from Sunday morning service. (Each Monday Morning Margriet will email the notes with questions to the leader)
  2. Conquer Series – for men
  3. Marriage enrichment  for couples – Mark Gungor 
  4. Alpha – to reach lost friends (see special dates for these)
  5. Becoming a Contagious Christian – Bill Hybels
  6. Ultimate Apologetics – James Lisle
  7. God Science – John Dickson, Greg Clarke, Simon Smart.
  8. Passion Talk Series – Louie Giglio

If you would like to use one of these resources please contact me (Craig), asap. While a connect group focus can be almost any activity or resource of choice, as a connect group leader, your responsibility is to ensure the following is a living part of your group. 

We call it ESPN:

E - Encourage each person in the group
S - Ensure that scripture is a feature of every meeting. (Even in practical groups like a cooking group)
P - Leaders pray every day for each member, and in the connect group pray for one another and for unsaved friends
N - Leaders assist each member to take their next step in their walk with God. (This relates to the four steps already mentioned – Know God, Find Freedom, Discover your Purpose, Make a Difference)

As a Connect Group leader, you will be paired up with a coach (a member of the ministry team) who will help ensure the success of the group in meeting the ESPN goals as well as helping to identify Next Steps for your group members.

One of the key changes being implemented, is that connect groups will run weekly for an eight week block in each term.  And every block is a new opportunity to change the focus of your group, choose a new resource, sign up for a different group or consider leading your own group or even take a break from leading.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 21.37.44.png

This is the block plan, the calendar for our entire year split into eight and four week blocks. Each eight week block (blue), represents a Connect Group Block, within which Connect Groups take place. At the end of each block, is your opportunity to change things up for the start of the next connect block! Each four week block (grey) represents our brand new Training nights! The white blocks represent Alpha, which will run alongside our Connect Groups and through one training period each time. Pink blocks represent the Christmas break.

Some handy dates to pop in the diary for the upcoming year:

Connect Block 1:     w/c Monday 5/2/18 to Friday 29/3/18
Connect Block 2:     w/c Monday 7/5/18 to Friday 29/6/18
Connect Block 3:     w/c Monday 30/7/18 to Friday 21/9/18
Connect Block 4:     w/c Monday 29/10/18 to Friday 21/12/18

Training Block 1:      Tuesday April 10, 17, 24, May 1
Training Block 2:     Tuesday July 3, 10, 17, 24
Training Block 3:     Tuesday October 2, 9, 16, 23.

ALPHA Block 1:     w/c Monday 5/2/18 to Fri 23/3/18
                              Alpha Day (L8-11) – Saturday 24th March
                              w/c Monday 26/3/18- Friday 4/5/18

ALPHA Block 2:     w/c Monday 30/7/18 - Friday 14/9/18
                               Alpha Day (L8-11) – Saturday 15th September
                               w/c Monday 17/9/18 - Friday 26/10/18

In between each Connect Block, the Leadership team will host Training Blocks. These are a great opportunity to further resource, train and equip. These are optional courses, each running for four weeks with each Training Block aligning to schools holidays. Courses on offer during this time will include Leadership Development, Doctrinal Studies, Evangelism 101 and many more. Each Training Block will offer a new variety of courses to choose from.

Training takes place on Tuesday nights and will also be a great opportunity to meet together over a meal, before moving through to course groups.

Meeting in small groups is the strategy for our entire church, this means that the way we conduct Youth and Young adults will change also. From the start of the first Connect Block Youth & Young Adults will all meet in Connect Groups on Friday nights for food, fun and diving into the word headed up by Daniel Power and Jono Gillam. Sunday nights through 2018 will be re-invented to bring to life the word, worship and more for our next generation, with Youth and Young Adults meeting together! This re-invented Sunday service is open to all and will start from 6pm in the Main Auditorium.

As the year continues, we as your Ministry team are dedicated to continuing to seek God and His guidance for the future of Infinity Church. We are so excited for all He has in store through these changes and new ideas and we can’t wait to see His plan in action. Please contact any one of us if you have any questions or concerns.

Love and Blessings,
Ps. Craig & Chris Anderson and the Ministry Team.

Infinity Church