VISION - The picture of the preferred future.

Our movement (INC) started in 1974 with a vision – Australia for Christ. It hasn’t changed. Our dream is to create a church that ordinary Australians can engage with and find Jesus in a powerful way.

Imagine our church, growing, reaching lost and hurting and broken people in this community. Imagine a church that sees miracles often, lives changed, the power of God openly displayed in services, connect groups, and through individual’s lives.

Imagine people coming to Christ every week. Even in this post Christian era, the gospel is the power of God to all who believe and through great tools and strategies like Alpha, lives are transformed as they come to Christ.

Imagine lots of leaders raised up who lead life changing music, lead groups, impact their workplace and industry, become leaders for church planting, leaders for ministry roles in this church, leaders for community impact.

Imagine our own bible college here, producing quality leaders every year.

Imagine this church filled up five times every weekend with passionate worshippers. Imagine prayer meetings here with over 100 people praying and calling down heaven. Imagine our local schools and universities all having lots of small groups within them run by students from this church who see miracles, lives changed and a move of God’s glory.

Imagine church planting leaders raised up and new INC churches planted right through Melbourne. Imagine an awakening here in Melbourne and all over Australia.

How can we see this happen? Hear the call of God for your life! Give yourself to Jesus and to the call on your life, everything else is secondary.

Devote yourself to His house, to church, to connect group where you can be discipled. Devote yourself to generous giving. Be trained for leadership, discover your purpose, and serve God with passion and single-mindedness. Pray like crazy! Love your neighbours, bring people to church, to connect group, to Alpha. Australia needs YOU!

Infinity Church