Prayer & Fasting


Throughout February we are undertaking 21 days of prayer and fasting to kick off the new year with a time of reflection and seeking freedom through Christ.

To reflect means to sit quietly, listen, contemplate and think deeply about the important things of life. This discipline is to be done with the Holy Spirit guiding our thoughts. It is a spiritual discipline very common among the ancients – those who followed Christ in ages past. In our modern day we seem to have no time for it and we don’t value it. In the psalms King David spoke of biblical mediation in which time is taken to think over the words of God and revolve in one’s mind the meaning of what God is saying. Join us as we are encouraged and empowered to take time out this January to reflect on what’s really important in life.

Download your prayer journal here.

Join us at church for prayer meetings throughout the month:

Mon-Fri |  6-7am
Sundays | 9.30-9.55am
Sat 10th Feb |  6-7pm (Soaring Hills Shelter, Quarry Hills Park)
                       Meet at the Gravelier Way car park - the Lakes Estate
Sat 24th Feb | 6-7pm

Infinity Church