Statement Regarding Australian Postal Plebiscite

Dear Infinity Church,

I want to share my thoughts with you about the upcoming postal vote concerning Same Sex Marriage.

Firstly, I urge you very strongly to vote by returning your ballot paper. It’s vital you have a voice.

Secondly, the debate is characterised by highly charged emotional rhetoric from both sides. People who feel strongly about the issue are wasting energy on attacking the opposition instead of calmly debating the pros and cons of the argument. Most are not interested in learning anything but are only intent on vilifying the other side. Such is the result of deeply held convictions on both sides.

The church as a whole has different views unfortunately. This makes it unclear for some, however a very large proportion, a majority in my view, are encouraging a NO vote among their own members and also anyone who will listen. A group called Coaltion for Marriage is lobbying the Church and the Australian population to consider voting NO. It is led by the Australian Christian Lobby, the Marriage Alliance, the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney and the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. Our own INC National chairman, Ps Ross Abraham said, "We want to be known for what we stand for not what we stand against". We stand for the biblical and traditional definition of marriage. We stand for the freedom of religion and the ability to teach our children our religious beliefs. In order for us to stand for these things, we need to be activated towards this important cause. 

There are two important groups of people that I wish to distinguish between here. The first is LGBTIQ people who are likely to come along to our church or are friends or relatives of our members. To these people our message is love and acceptance. They are welcome to any service and will receive the same care and input as any other attender. Our belief is that the bible clearly shows that sex outside of marriage is a sin whether that be adultery, fornication, or homosexuality.  As a congregation we do not ask people personal questions about private matters like this, nor do we try and change people’s views or practices, but we know that coming into a community of faith and encountering Jesus leads to a change in lifestyle for many people. This includes all aspects of lifestyle that are incongruous with what the bible teaches.

The second group of people are those who are strongly lobbying government and the general population for legislative changes for the LGBTIQ agenda.  These changes are far reaching and aimed at bringing societal change to many aspects of life. These changes are very significant and go far beyond being able to marry a person of the same sex. The changes include the promotion of Safe Schools Program which introduces and promotes a gay lifestyle to young children. This agenda also includes the promotion of gender fluidity (a belief that one chooses their gender at will from many different kinds) and reduces free speech by not allowing the voicing of opinions not held by the LGBTI lobby. It has been seen to have an impact on the businesses who have a conscientious objection to Same Sex Marriage.

The results of these social engineering changes already include the promotion of such unwholesome practices to children as penis tucking and breast binding through the Safe Schools Program; the charging of a Catholic Priest in Tasmania through anti-discrimination legislation for teaching his own church people about the biblical views on marriage; Business and economic pressure placed on Businesses who have a board member or leader who has spoken out against Same Sex Marriage.

The future results of this social engineering agenda of the LGBTIQ and humanist groups will, in my view, lead to marriage defined to include Polyamory (marrying more than one person) Lifting of protections currently proposed to exempt Clergy who refuse to marry same sex couples. Legislative changes that will make it a criminal offence to use the regular personal pronouns of he, she instead of chosen non gender specific pronouns such as zhe and zshe. (Already law in Canada). The constant inevitable march away from conservative values should, in my view, be resisted. It should be resisted because it is anti-god and bad for society in general. It should be resisted by praying for God’s will to be done, by writing to politicians, by being an influence where you are. Arguing the points with people who have strong non-conservative views is usually fruitless and often becomes a slanging match, but if people want to hear why you believe what you believe then we must be educated and articulate to give an answer.

I will be voting NO at this postal plebiscite. Here’s why. I believe that marriage as described within the bible is clearly to be between a man and a woman for life. I believe that the institution of marriage is beneficial to society as a whole and to change it will inevitably bring change that leads to a poorer society. The march away from conservative values is not good for Australia and being a tolerant society must not include making changes to assist the minority while negatively impacting the majority. Let’s be in prayer for the future and the climate and culture of our nation. Let’s pray for God’s will to be done and for Christians to be filled with grace toward others and also bold and strong in speaking out.

Ps. Craig Anderson

Infinity Church