At INFINITY CHURCH we are driven by a desire to INTRODUCE MELBOURNE TO JESUS. Throughout the week, we are part of a number of different outreach programs that help to support, grow and nourish our community. 

Police Chaplaincy

As senior pastor, one of Ps. Craig's roles is to serve as a Police Chaplain. Being a Police Officer is a really tough job! They attend scenes of violence day after day, see horrific road accidents and experience trauma because of things like suicide and child abuse that most of would never face. So Ps. Craig's job is to let them know they are appreciated and deeply valued and be there to give pastoral support to anyone who needs it.

Community Kitchen

Every Tuesday The Community Kitchen (South Morang) provides meals for our local community especially those most in need. Community groups, disabled, poor, elderly, sick and those looking for connection experience the happy and accepting environment of real love and inclusion. From 11am to 5pm you can receive a free meal and lots of love and acceptance from the volunteer staff. No questions asked, no need to show a concession card or anything at all.

Family Violence Relief

In our local area – Whittlesea - we have one of the highest incidents of Family Violence in Victoria. As a church we decided to do something about that. We chose to be a part of the answer. From holding White Ribbon Dinners to running awareness events in shopping centres. From running t-shirt painting classes among High Schoolers, to working with council and other organisations to work at the prevention side of the issue; we are working hard to make a difference in the years to come and see the prevalence of Family Violence decrease.

If you'd like to know more about our community kitchen and other outreach programs please Enquire through the infinity Card