IY is a single ministry, catering for Youth & Young Adults. We believe in Introducing the Next Generation to Jesus in a no frills, no pressure space! We want to build strong friendships and empower each other to be the best we can, while navigating through the craziness of life. Our awesome leaders are passionate about raising up a generation of life changing, world shaking, God inspired humans. #nextgen4Jesus


A monthly gathering where our Youth & Young Adults communities gather together for a service focused on growing a generation of world changers. 

Join us for the wild ON THE first friday of the month, 7PM - 9PM.


Because one the best things we can possible to as believers is to gather together and experience the word, pray and uplift each other in order to be filled to go out and reach others. YA Connect groups are for Young Adults of all ages, marriage status and life stage. If you are looking for a place to belong, we’ve got you!

YA Connects run during each Connect Block (see dates 2019 here).


Because we don't want to see this generation robbed by the world. Because we want to strengthen relationships with God  no matter what we go through, he is the answer. Because peoples lives change when they experience God, and grow in their understanding of the gospel and true friendship. And most of all because we want to have fun. 

Join us for IY FriYAYs, 7PM - 9PM during school terms.